WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Follow us on IG to shop :)
WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Follow us on IG to shop :)
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About us

Born and raised in Milan, our family has been in the business of antiques, design and vintage for years. This is how we approached, at a very young age, the world of fashion and art. Even while coming from different academic and work backgrounds we often collaborated in the family enterprise.
The hunt, the discovery of unique pieces, rich in the history and style that distinguishes the european and, particularly, the italian manufacturing, fascinates us more and more. We have been traveling around the world and fell in love with New York City.
This is how the idea of Insolito Luxury Vintage came to life.
Luxury as we mean it: fine materials and attention to details, selecting the greatest brands and designers. We keep an eye on the price, to make the pleasure of owning the best vintage accessible to everyone.
Insolito means unusual in italian. You never know what you can find in our collection. Our Brooklyn location is now closed, stay tuned to find out what's coming next!
Federica and Giuditta